How to Prepare Matcha


There are 3 methods typically used to prepare the perfect matcha:

1. Bamboo whisk

2. Electric whisk

3. Shake


Bamboo Whisk

Historically, this method has been used to prepare matcha during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. To this day, It is still widely regarded as the best method overall. A bamboo whisk (Chasen) was specifically designed with to break up clumps and infuse matcha powder with liquids.

  • Add water to a bowl with flat base. (Recommend a traditional Chawan if available)
  • Add matcha powder
  • Hold bamboo whisk with thumb, index, and middle finger
  • Whisk in a "W" or "M" pattern back and forth until mixture is clump free!


Electric whisk

Electric whisks were designed to froth milk at home for lattes. However, they are just as handy for mixing matcha with liquids!

  • Add water to cup.
  • Add matcha.
  • Insert whisk end below surface of water. This is important to ensure we are not incorporating too much air (frothing) into our matcha mix.
  • Turn on electric whisk and let it do all the work!



Easily the most fun method! Simple steps:

  • Add water to bottle
  • Add matcha
  • Close bottle and seal tight! (Recommend leakproof water bottles or blender bottles)
  • Shake shake shake!


Pro tip: Use a small sieve or sifter to remove clumps before mixing matcha.

For recommended measurements, see Matcha Shot post.