100% Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Kagoshima, Japan

Welcome to Central Matcha!

We are an Austin, TX based small business dedicated to sharing smiles and happiness - one cup at a time.

Our Matcha

At Central Matcha, we recognize there are thousands of tea blends.
Thousands of unique flavor profiles to be explored and shared.

Behind the scenes, we spent months sourcing, testing, and blending tea from
dozens of suppliers in Japan. And finally we figured it out.

To begin, we are excited to share our Classic Matcha: light and creamy, paired with a hint of sweetness. It is a bold flavor standing on its own; it is subtle and complimentary to a beautiful latte.

We know you will enjoy as much as we do!

  • Shade Grown

    About 40 days before harvest, our tea leaves are covered with tarps to limit the photosynthesis process. 400 years ago, Japanese farmers observed the natural shade provided by nearby trees; today, this is replicated to keep the umami flavor.

  • Hand Picked

    Many aspects of tea production have now been automated. However, one piece of the process we do not is picking; hand picking tea leaves is the only way to quality inspect each and every leaf. This simply cannot be done with mass harvesting.

  • Stone Ground

    Our 100% ceremonial grade matcha is only ground with stone granite mills. Ball or blend methods are unable to replicate the small micron particle size produced by stone mills. Stone ground matcha is the difference in a flavorful cup.

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Our Why

The Mission of Central Matcha is simple:

Share our love of matcha and tea with you.

Provide the ingredients that bring us together.

Have fun and share smiles!