"Pay It Forward" Project 2022

"Pay It Forward" Project 2022

We love the idea of "paying it forward". One place we've seen this in action is the Starbucks drive-thru lanes; customer in front of line pays for customer behind and so on. A simple gesture fully aligned to "Our Why"



 We love this concept and want to create an online "drive-thru" lane.

To start, we will send out a gift card + limited edition "Pay it Forward" Project card.

When received,

1. Buy a drink (matcha, coffee, anything!) on us :)

2. Post a picture with the limited edition card and tag @centralmatcha + next recipient! 
  • City
  • Drink of choice
  • Smile!
3. Mail "Pay it Forward" card to next friend and explain the rules!

    Lets see how far this goes!



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